Chapter 2 - Forget-me-not, § 10

Days go by. The sisters can’t imagine a world without their wobbling friend. But still, each day, Swan get a little stronger, and each day, the time she’ll be leaving for home is coming closer.

It’s already late when they all go on their daily trip to the river. Like every time, Fox runs around, sniffing here and digging there, Raven flies from tree to tree, and Swan just floats around quietly on the river. Snow and Rose enjoy every minute of it.


Suddenly, they hear a shrill sound: “Caaaaaw caaaaw caaaaw”. “Raven?!”, Snow yells, “Raven?!”. Rose jumps up and stares at the treetops. “Over there!”, she screams, pointing at a high tree, “There, in the top of that willow!”. Raven looks frightened: he is flapping his wings with all his might, but he can’t break free. “Oh no, he’s stuck”, Snow sobs. Fox runs towards the tree like a jaguar and swiftly jumps up the trunk. Despite all the effort, the grabbing and the clutching, he only gets about half a meter high. “This is not going to work”, Fox thinks.

At the moment the racket started, Swan had dozed off and had ended up at the other river bank. As fast as she could, she peddles towards her friend in distress. Suddenly, she notices the distance between her and the river below. Her large white wings gracefully move up and down – she is flying again! Snow and Rose gaze as Swan heads for Raven. Swan circles around the tree, going over the options to save Raven. Landing is not possible because the branches will break under her weight, but she might snap a few branches by hitting them with her wing. Swan now heads directly for Raven. “CAAAAW!”, he squeals, “CAAAAW!”. On the very last instant, Swan swerves and deals a blow to the branch Raven is caught in. The branch snaps, and Raven flies off, a bit disoriented. He lands at Snow’s feet, who gives him a loving pet on the head: “You poor thing”, she says gently.

The company heads home. Swan hesitates a bit, then follows. Once inside the house, she heads for the window instead of the fire place, like she normally does. Fox and Raven curl up against her. From time to time, she stretches out her long neck to stare outside. Through the window, she sees thousands of sparkling stars, but none of them sparkle like Swan’s beady eyes do.


Swan keeps a bit to herself the next morning, and the sisters realize the time has come. Swan wobbles towards the front door… With a lump in her throat, Rose says: “Here’s your pouch, Swan. It was ripped, but I’ve repaired it”. She hangs it around Swan’s neck. Snow tucks something small in it: “This is for you, dear Swan”. Swan turns her head towards the bag, pushes the lid aside and sees Snow’s card: “You are so Swanderful”, it reads. “We are going to miss you so much…”, Snow says, as she opens the door. Swan spreads her wings and puts them around her new friends one last time, then she turns and flies away…

Concept/Art/Story by Debbie Lavreys