Present terms and conditions are applicable to every purchase agreement and every sales agreement entered into by a visitor of this website, hereafter known as ‘customer’. These terms and conditions are always applicable. Any dissenting conditions by the customer are not applicable, except when these are sent to us in writing and when we explicitly accept them. The customer accepts that these terms and conditions are applicable to every product from the Snow & Rose collection. They also apply to all purchases made on the Snow & Rose website.

Seller and scope

  • Snow & Rose is registered with the ‘kruispuntbank der ondernemingen’. The enterprise number is 0809080562 and the VAT number is BE0809080562. The registered office of Snow & Rose is located in Hasselt, Jaarmarktstraat 7. You can reach Snow & Rose via e-mail: The website is

Age requirements

  • Snow & Rose does not accept any orders from individuals under the age of 18 years who do not have permission from a parent and/or a guardian. Every individual that wishes to make a purchase confirms that he/she is a natural person and has the capacity to have rights and obligations. An individual who according to article 1123 and following of the Belgian code of civil law is declared incompetent, can under no circumstances make any purchase on this site.

Orders and payments:

  • A purchase will only be established after the customer has clicked the “confirm purchase” button. Afterwards the customer will receive a confirmation e-mail from Snow & Rose.
  • The customer will have to provide a valid e-mail address. All communication will happen using that e-mail address.
  • After the order, the customer agrees that his/her e-mail address will be added to the list of customers of Snow & Rose and will therefor receive regular e-mails concerning products and actions from Snow & Rose. Each e-mail will have the means for the customer to stop receiving those e-mails.
  • Payment methods are: Paypal and direct transfer.


  • All prices on the offered products are noted in euros and always include 21% VAT. Postage and package costs are excluded from these prices. The postage and package costs will be stated when the order is placed.
  • The prices are applicable solely on the accompanied product unless mentioned otherwize. They only apply on the product as described in the accompanying text. The included pictures are purely for decoration and may contain elements that are not included in the mentioned price.
  • If the product gets a reduction in price after the sale is concluded there is no possibility to claim a refund for the difference in prices before and after said refund.
  • Snow & Rose cannot be held accountable for any errors in the displayed prices. These errors may be a result of human or technical errors.

Voorwaarden cadeaubonnen

  • Cadeaubonnen verkrijgbaar bij zijn enkel inwisselbaar via de webshop: De cadeaubonnen zijn niet geldig in andere winkels waar artikelen van Snow & Rose verkocht worden.
  • De cadeaubonnen zijn een jaar lang geldig.
  • Cadeaubonnen kunnen niet voor openstaande bestellingen gebruikt worden.
  • Cadeaubonnen zijn niet inwisselbaar voor geld en kan niet worden gebruikt voor de aankoop voor een andere cadeaubon.
  • Cadeaubonnen kunnen niet retour worden genomen.
  • De cadeaubon is te gebruiken voor alle artikelen, ook afgeprijsde/solden artikelen.
  • Bij besteding van de cadeaubon geldt de waarde van de cadeaubon als minimale bestelwaarde. De rest dient betaald te worden met één van de overige betaalmethoden.
  • Bij retournering van de artikelen, wordt een nieuwe cadeaubon ter waarde van de gebruikte cadeaubon aangemaakt. Het resterende bedrag wordt teruggestort. Gemaakte verzend- en retourkosten worden niet bijgeschreven.
  • Het is niet toegestaan cadeaubonnen te wijzigen, te vervalsen, te ondermijnen of anderszins aan te tasten.
  • Snow & Rose is niet verantwoordelijk voor verlies, diefstal en/of beschadiging of ongeautoriseerd gebruik van de cadeaubonnen.
  • Iedere (poging tot) fraude of andere niet toegestane handeling wordt geregistreerd en leidt ertoe dat het gebruik van cadeaubonnen wordt ontzegd.
  • Het is niet toegestaan cadeaubonnen op welke wijze ook te gebruiken voor commerciële doeleinden en/of andere doeleinden dan waarvoor deze zijn uitgegeven.
  • Deze cadeaubonvoorwaarden kunnen van tijd tot tijd worden gewijzigd. Wij raden aan om de cadeaubonvoorwaarden elke keer voor het gebruik of aankopen van een cadeaubon te raadplegen. Wordt de cadeaubon na ingaan van de wijzigingen gebruikt, dan worden daarmee de gewijzigde cadeaubonvoorwaarden aanvaardt.

Right of renunciation:

  • If the customer discovers that the product he or she purchased does not meet his or her expectations, he or she has the right notify Snow & Rose within 14 days starting from the day after the day of the delivery. This notification can happen via mail or via a registered letter to Snow & Rose, Jaarmarktstraat 7, 3500 Hasselt (BE). The customer can return the product or request a trade. This may happen without mentioning a reason for the request. The product has to be unused and returned in the original packaging. The costs and risks of returning the product fall within the responsibility of the customer. If the product arrives at Snow & Rose in its original state and in its original and undamaged packaging the customer will be refunded the original purchase price, excluding the postage and packaging costs, within 14 days. A product will be considered undamaged and in its original packaging if: Article(s) is/are undamaged, Article(s) is/are accompanied by original labels and/or stickers, Article(s) is/are packaged in the original packaging and accompanied by any documentation that was included in the original shipment, Article(s) is/are accompanied by any promotional articles that were included in the original shipment.
Onder schade wordt het volgende verstaan:…


Snow & Rose aims to ship every order within 3 days after receiving payment.

Shipping costs via Bpost Belgium:

  • Shipping within Belgium costs 3,50 €
  • Shipping to countries in the European Union costs +-13,05 €
  • Shipping to the rest of the world costs 22,00 €

Verzendingskosten via Kiala:

  • België & Luxemburg 4,50 €
  • Nederland 7,50 €
  • Frankrijk 10,00 €
  • Spanje 14,00 €

Pick-up in Hasselt:

Picking up your product(s) in Hasselt is free of charge. We will contact you after receiving payment.

Snow and Rose has the right to make partial deliveries. If a product is out of stock, you will receive it as soon as it is back in stock. You will be notified beforehand via e-mail.

These terms considering shipment and deliveries are purely informational. Snow & Rose can never be held responsible for any delays. Delays considering shipment and deliveries can never lead to fines, damage restitution, dissolution of the agreement or a refusal to accept the delivery.

Filling in an incorrect delivery address can lead to extra costs. These costs are to be paid by the customer. Costs for shipment, delivery or packaging are subject to change. Snow & Rose can change these costs if necessary, a notification will be sent via e-mail to the customer.

Import and customs:

  • Any import or customs fees are calculates at the moment the package enters the country of the addressee. These costs are to be paid by the customer. Snow & Rose does not have any control on this matter and cannot predict how high these costs might be. In case of doubt, contact your local customs authorities to verify whether or not extra costs are going to be applicable.


  • All the offered products are intended for regular use by the consumer. A description of all products is available on the website. This description is as accurate as possible. Pictures and text is used to describe the product. In case of an error in this description, Snow & Rose cannot be held accountable.
  • The product can deviate slightly from the photograph. This can be a consequence of slight alterations in the material (wood, paper, cloth, …). The offer only lasts as long as the offered product is in stock. Snow & Rose can change or annul an offer at any time.
  • Snow & Rose cannot be held accountable for any damage caused by the use of a product that has been purchased through their website.

Retention of title:

  • The products remain the property of Snow and Rose until the moment a full payment is received from the customer. Snow & Rose maintains the right to demand that any product shall be returned to their possession if payment conditions have not been met. The customer is accountable for any applicable costs.
  • After the delivery of the product, the customer is solely responsible for loss of the product or any damage to the product.

Acts beyond Snow & Rose’s control:

  • The possibility exists that Snow & Rose becomes the victim of acts beyond their control. Such acts of god include, but are not limited to, strikes, issues with the electricity providers, troubles with (telecommunication-)networks, sickness, fire, war, lock-outs, uprisings, death, disturbances in the transport network, regardless if this happens to one of Snow & Rose’s suppliers or to Snow & Rose itself. If such an act beyond Snow and Rose’s control causes a period of inactivity that lasts longer than two months, both the customer and Snow & Rose have the right to dissolve the agreement without paying any damages.

Complaints and warranty:

  • All complaints concerning the delivered products have to be sent to Snow & Rose via a registered letter, under penalty of lapsing of the claim. This notification has to be made within 8 days after the discovery of a defect. Any notifications that happen beyond this time frame will not lead to a repair or replacement.
  • According to the Belgian law on the protection of the consumer (wet van 21 september betreffende de bescherming van de consument bij verkoop van consumptiegoederen) certain rights are applicable. The two-year warranty term is applicable starting from the date of delivery.
  • Any defects caused by the client (accidents, irregular use, use that is incompatible with a consumer-level use of the product) are not covered by the warranty. the customer has to contact Snow and Rose in case of any defects in products that are purchased online and that are delivered at the customers delivery address. The customer then has to deliver the product to Snow & Rose, accompanied by the proof of purchase.
  • Snow & Rose examines the products and will decide whether or not a defect exists. If this is not the case the product will be sent back to the customer.


  • All disputes with Snow & Rose to which this agreement is applicable are governed by Belgian law. The court of Hasselt (rechtbank van eerste aanleg te Hasselt) is exclusively authorized to handle any disputes.
  • In the case any of these conditions are considered unlawful, not applicable or null all other conditions retain their validity and remain applicable.
  • Snow & Rose can change these condition at any time and without giving notice to the customer. Every purchase implies agreement from the customer with these terms and conditions.
Concept/Art/Story by Debbie Lavreys