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Dagworkshop ‘Dieren illustreren met gouache in Folk stijl’ (27 mei 2018),

Do you also love those colorful patterns that have a folkloristic and floral feel? And do you want to learn how to apply this 'folk'-style to illustrations of animals? Yes? Well, in that case, this workshop is something you'll definitely like! During this workshop, you'll learn how a true illustrator uses 'gouache', a popular type of paint.

Dagworkshop ‘Bloemen en planten illustreren met Promarkers’ (2 juni 2018),

The use of alcohol markers and other markers to draw illustrations has become incredibly hip and popular. One of the best-known brands is Winsor & Newton (with their Promarkers). The applications for ProMarkers are infinitely varied. They're perfect for hobby projects, they're used by architects and comic book illustrators, but they're just as interesting for someone who's just getting starting in the illustration business.

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Chapter 2 - Forget-me-not, § 10


Days go by. The sisters can’t imagine a world without their wobbling friend. But still, each day, Swan get a little stronger, and each day, the time she’ll be leaving for home is coming closer…

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Concept/Art/Story by Debbie Lavreys